Dear Client,

We at Jolee Consultants have deemed it necessary to remotely take control of your machine. This process will allow us to troubleshoot your computer, and likely solve the problem that you are having without being there. In order for us to accomplish this, you will have to complete a couple of very simple steps.

Below, you will notice two links- one that says "Jolee Remote Control (PC)", and "Jolee Remote Control (Mac)". Click on whichever link is appropriate for your computer, and then click "save", not "open".

When prompted for a destination for the file, please select "Desktop". This will provide you with an easily accessible link on your desktop.

Once that has finished downloading, and you see the link on your desktop, please double click to open it and carefully observe the numbers that are there. There will be three groupings of three numbers (example: 123 456 789). Please copy those numbers into an email, and send that email to

Do not worry about the passcode, as it is grayed out, and only relevant to members of the Jolee Consultants technical support staff. Once you have completed this last step, sit back and relax- Jolee Consultants are in control. We will be sure to contact you as soon as we are done to let you know how it went.