in 1997,

JoLee Consultants specializes in providing information technology services for businesses ranging from ten to five hundred employees.

JoLee Consultants provides complete server installation and configuration.  Including but not limited to an exclusive virtual computing world. Unlike ordinary setups, JoLee utilizes the complete potential of the newest technology available for server class computers and boasts fail-safe environments for a company’s vital systems.

Our Team provides workstation installation, network configuration and integration with existing domains.  We also perform software installation and ongoing maintenance.

JoLee Consultants remotely log into servers and workstations, allowing maintenance and software fixes regardless of physical location.  This means that if one of your company’s workstations were to be under attack by viruses, we at JoLee Consultants can remote on and potentially clean the computer without having to make a trip out.

We are considered experts in all phases of Information Technology; including the design, implementation and support of both users and infrastructure. We stand by going the extra mile to ensure our services always exceeds client’s expectations.

With over forty years of combined industry experience between the partners, The JoLee Consultants has the knowledge to build a plan that will deliver the right solution.

Our team is passionate about IT and offering strategies to lower operating costs and improve overall efficiency.